Why should I buy a woven wrap? A baby carrier is an investment? In this market? Yes, even now, purchasing a woven wrap is a wise investment.

Investing in Your Baby

At birth your baby has 25% of their brain matter developed. By the age of 5 that number increases to 90%! In these key developmental years your little one is also establishing connections within that brain matter, such as the connections that control the vestibular and proprioceptive systems. These systems help baby to know how to handle sensory inputs and to establish where they are within a space. When baby is able to explore and learn in the protected environment of a carrier, they can do so with less stress, and therefore for extended periods. This form of tummy time can be less jarring to babies who are wired to prefer the close proximity of a loving caregiver. The benefits of developing these connections at an early age will have a life long return on investment, as they are an essential base to the developmental pyramid (Piaget).

We also see the babywearing aids in digestion, increases exposure to vocabulary, decreases crying, assists baby in regulating their temperature, and can decrease incidents of plagiocephaly and torticollis.

Investing in Your Bond

The oxytocin release from both baby and caregiver is one of our favorite returns on investment. This calm and happy state coinciding with direct touch allows both parties in enhance their sense of trust, deepening their bond. If the caregiver is breastfeeding, they will also be able to be more responsive to early feeding cues, strengthening the breastfeeding relationship and supply.

Investing in Yourself

Babywearing provides caregivers with a hands free way to move about their environment. This can make it easier to care for older children and to complete daily tasks (or even shower!). If the caregiver suffers from Postpartum Depression, babywearing offers them a tool to care for and calm a child passively, reducing anxiety in both wearer and wrapee. Babywearing also has a thriving community around the world, giving the caregiver an outlet for social interaction and pertinent discussion.

With a woven wrap you’ll have an ergonomic baby carrier that will last from newborn to toddler with all of these dividends. How has your wrap investment paid off?

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