Born in 2013, Tekhni is the culmination of art, design and babywearing. I am Alisa DeMarco: babywearing mom to Vincent, Dominic, Gianna and Anthony, and wife to Nick. I am a painter, graphic designer, dye artist and textile designer. I have found comfort in the cloths I use to carry my children and want to share this love with others.

At Tekhni, I have made the pledge to create wraparound slings and accessories from the finest resources, finished by hand in Grayslake, Illinois. A variety of yarns and blends are used in my woven wraps– cotton, linen, silk, RepreveĀ®, TencelĀ®, and more– chosen for beauty and comfort. Everything is finished lovingly by Tekhni’s local seamstresses.

I am a small, woman-owned business based out of the Chicagoland area of the United States. As an experienced babywearer, Trained Babywearing Consultant through CBWS and a supporter of babywearing groups worldwide, I am committed to education and accessible resources. Tekhni is a proudly home-grown company.

Tekhni sourced mills are some of the best in the world, producing a variety of fine textiles for a wide number of markets and applications, including Tekhni woven slings. These chosen mills have been carefully selected to meet the needs and desires of our customers.

Tekhni is a proud member of the BCIA, committed to the sling industry and helping educate consumers on best-wearing practices.

It’s my passion to have natural and safe baby carriers available to all caregivers worldwide. I am excited to bring Tekhni Wovens into your home and into your everyday life.