Love that rich, warm, rustic golden color of Chai Tea? Well, have we got something for you. Strong, sturdy, solid natural Tussah silk on a cotton warp. Silk with the support and feel of hemp. That’s what we’ve brought you with our three Chai’s. Olympos, Ceres & Meandros and all now come in a silk blend, with Chai as the first colorway.

We used Tussah silk – a wild, rustic, sturdier silk with great texture and rich color that we chose to leave undyed. It is a gorgeous natural color that shows small specks of tan and brown when seen up close.

“A beautiful harvest wheat color. Neutral, but not bland”

This sturdy silk, combined with the weave, makes for a strong and supportive wrap, rather than soft and slippery. In hand, it is more similar to hemp in its feel and wrapping qualities. This also means it feels stiff and rough in loomstate and requires some breaking in, but will soften up very nicely.

We have heard some excellent comments so far:

“This wrap is so solid and cushy on the shoulders! I’m blown away!”

“Cushy, beautiful texture, strong and not at all diggy…it shines under the weight of our big kids”.

“A sturdy wrap, but very moldable”.

“An amazing toddler shorty. Not every silk can boast that”.

The differences between the three Chai’s are important to note. While they are all dense, textured, grippy and supportive, Olympos has the greatest amount of these characteristics, followed by Ceres, then Meandros. Olympos has its solidity, Ceres its stretch and Meandros its manageability.

One tester who spent some time with all 3 Chai’s said: “You know how the Repreve and all cotton versions of Meandros are slightly thinner and less grippy than the Repreve and all cotton versions of Ceres? It’s the same in the silk blends. Olympos is the thickest and grippiest, Ceres is slightly thinner, with a little more texture in hand, and Meandros is thinnest and the most moldable”.

Ceres Chai celebrated its debut a few weeks ago, Olympos is a little further out, and we are happy to announce the release of Meandros Chai on Wednesday Oct 29 at 4pm CDST in our Etsy shop.

Will you be joining us? Which silk would you find ideal for you? What colors would you like to see next?




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