What is Repreve?

Repreve, made by Unifi, is a family of synthetic fibers containing recycled materials. It is a polyester fiber. Unlike many other recycled yarns, the recycled content is certified by an outside party.

What’s the difference between Repreve used in Tekhni products and other recycled fibers in the market?

Repreve yarn used in Tekhni products is made from 100% post consumer water bottles . In addition, Unifi’s U Trust™ verification program ensures that Repreve recycled fibers are traceable, transparent, and most importantly, certifiably sustainable. With Unifi’s Fiberprint™ technology, products made from fabrics with Repreve are tested and certified before the Repreve brand name can be used. So if you see the Repreve name, you have assurance that it’s recycled.

What’s third-party certification? What organizations certify Repreve?

A third-party certification provides an independent, objective review of a company’s product claims and environmental performance. Repreve is third-party certified for its claim of recycled content through Scientific Certification Systems (SCS). Every year, SCS performs a full examination of our recycled products, including our recycling process, production records, and manufacturing operations. SCS is a leading third-party certifier and standards developer of environmental and sustainability claims. Repreve is also Oeko-Tex certified. Oeko-Tex is a well-known international eco-label offering “Confidence in Textiles.” Repreve is tested and qualified to ensure that it is free of harmful levels of more than 100 restricted substances.

Is Repreve safe? Does it contain BPA?

The Repreve yarn Tekhni uses is made from recycled PET water bottles. PET is food grade and BPA-free. In addition, Repreve’s Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification ensures that yarns are free of harmful levels of more than 100 restricted substances. The Oeko-Tex Standard 100 is the world’s leading label for textiles screened for harmful substances.

How is Repreve yarn made?

PET plastic bottles are recycled and collected. The bottles enter a unique material conversion process, where they are chopped, melted, and reformulated to form a recycled chip. The Repreve chip then enters a proprietary extrusion and texturing process to form Repreve recycled fiber.

Is Repreve made in the USA?

Yes– Repreve yarn used in Tekhni products is manufactured in the USA. In addition, the Repreve plant in Yadkinville, North Carolina is a Zero Landfill facility– nothing from that plant goes into a landfill. They reuse or recycle everything, and even compost leftovers from the cafeteria.

Producing one pound of Repreve…
Saves enough energy to run a compact fluorescent light bulb for nearly 22 days
Saves enough water to provide more than the daily drinking water for one person
Saves the amount of greenhouse gas (GHG) emitted while driving a hybrid car almost 3 miles

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What are the characteristics of Repreve in woven wraps?

Repreve yarn in woven wraps brings breathability and temperature regulation; it is a perfect fiber for warm weather, keeping the wearer and baby cool. It gives the wrap wool-like bounce and cush, without the added high maintenance in care that frequently comes with wool. Repreve is water-resistant and stain-resistant; it dries quickly and cleans easy. Lastly, it comes soft and virtually broken in, after a single wash and dry.

Many of Tekhni’s wraps contain Repreve and there will be many more to come. A Tekhni woven with Repreve is definitely a must-try for any babywearer. You will not de disappointed!

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