Adelphi Scarlet was released this weekend for Mommycon, in Newport, CA. As the last Mommycon of the season, we wanted to explain the meaning behind this wrap and its name. This led to a post about all the Tekhni wrap lines and the meaning behind their names. So here we go.

Most, you will find, have Greek origins, stemming from Alisa having married into a Greek family and embracing all things Greek.

Adelphi (pronounced a-del-fee if you’re a proper Greek linguist or a-del-fi if you’re a common usage person) is a Greek word meaning “From the same womb”, “brotherhood”, “sisterhood”. (Think Philadelphia: Phil, from philos, meaning “love” and adelphos, meaning “brother”…Philadelphia means brotherly love). This wrap was designed in collaboration with the ladies from Mommycon. It is for them – all working together. For their sisterhood. It is for the bond Tekhni promotes among women, babywearers, families. Scarlet, a deep rich red colorway, is particularly meaningful to two redheads- Tekhni’s founder, Alisa, and Mommycon’s founder, Xza. have stunning bold bright red hair.

Olympos (prnounced o-lim-po-s) referring to Mount Olympos, home of the 12 Greek gods. Inspired by the enchanting elegance of cliffside summits, it is a twist on an old-favorite– the classic chevron. The first colorways released encompassed the mellow colors of a mountainside landscape– glint of the golden sun (saffron), sweetness of grassy greens (gingko), clarity of a blue sky (kingfisher), purity of a snowy peak (alabaster), depth of a rocky cavern (smoke), haziness of fading sunset (kalamata/love). Olympos was for the mountaineer in all of us.

Portico (pronounced por-tick-o) is an architectural term, describing a structure with a roof supported by columns, generally attached to a building, creating a porch. Picture the facade of the Parthenon, the Pantheon, the White House. The design on Portico reflects those columns. Colonnade is a scaled-up version of Portico, which is obviously fitting as it describes a sequence of columns as well.

Meandros (pronounced me-ann-dro-s) is the name for the Greek Key design, derived from the Menderes River (ancient river in Turkey with a very serpentine flow), and where we get the word meander. This design is very symbolic in Greece, referring to eternal flow of life and unity.

Ceres (pronounced SEER-eez) is not only the Roman Goddess of agriculture and the harvest (Greek equivalent is Demeter), but also of fertility and motherly relationships. A perfect name for a wrap. The design reflects its name as it looks like a leaf or a shaft of wheat, the Ceres name being synonymous -anciently- with the word grain and from where we get the word cereal.

The Persephone (prnounced per-se-fo-nee) design is a scaled-down version of Ceres. In Greek mythology, Persephone is the goddess of the harvest and the daughter of Ceres (Demeter), hence the smaller design of leaves/wheat shafts.

Thalia, from the Greek Thaleia, is the name of the Greek muse (one of nine who were goddesses of music, song and dance) presiding over comedy, also called “The joyful muse”. Literally the name means “the blooming one”, which suits the pattern on Thalia -the blooming, whimsical stylized take on a paisley floral motif with delicate lines juxtaposed with saturated color combinations.

Kirio (pronounced kee-ree-o), meaning “gentleman” in Greek, perfectly describes this soft, beautiful drape, like an expensive piece of menswear. It’s a classic, sophisticated design, suited to its name.

Arche (pronounced ar-kay) is a Greek word denoting beginning, origin, or the first principle of existing things. This is not Tekhni’s first wrap, but it is the first of the budget line.

Aster is a genus of flowers, and comes from the Greek word meaning star, which refers to the star shape of the flower head, as shown on the wrap pattern.

Aplos comes from the word “simple” in Greek. Simple weave, simple design…ideally suited for those new to wrapping.

Delta is from the Ancient Greek word Delta, the 4th letter of the modern Greek Alphabet that looks like a triangle (think of the shape of the delta of the Nile River in Egypt). The Delta line of wraps is a very geometric piece, featuring multiple triangles.

Athena, from Greek Mythology, is the goddess of wisdom, the arts and crafts – weaving in particular! This line of wraps, along with Adelphi, was made exclusively for Mommycon events.

***This post will continue to be updated as new wrap lines are released***

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