We offer six sizes in our standard line to accommodate a full range of body types and carry options.

Size 3- 3.2m
Size 4- 3.7m
Size 5- 4.2m
Size 6- 4.7m
Size 7- 5.2m
Size 8- 5.7m

Choosing a wrap length depends on the size of the wearer, size of the wrappee, and the type of carry. Shorter wraps are best for single layer carries such as traditional sling carries and rucksacks. Longer wraps are best for multi-layered carries such as the front wrap cross carry and double hammock.

Base size for an average wearer is size 6. It allows enough length to do a standard front wrap cross carry and other multi-layered carries. Base size for a petite wearer is typically 5, and for a plus size wearer or a larger wrappee, a size 7.

Base size minus 2 is good for standard rucksack tied in front (RTIF).
Base size -3 can be used for traditional sling carry or a rucksack tied under bum (RUB).
Base size -1 is versatile enough for a front cross carry (FCC) or a secure high back carry (SHBC).