Introducing The Sling | ring sling baby carrier by Studio Tekhni

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Babywearing is becoming a more accessible and mainstream option for new parents and caregivers— and we couldn’t be more excited! Watching this industry bloom and expand over the past 5+ years has been especially fulfilling for our educator hearts. Here at Tekhni, we wanted to create a line of basic ring slings, accessories and other products designed to reach this growing audience. And so— we introduce you to Studio Tekhni: a line born out of our love for independent retailers and modern day parenthood. A sister brand to Tekhni Wovens, based around style + simplicity, Studio Tekhni focuses on lower price-point products, with everything retailing for $99 or less.

Our flagship product, The Sling, is based off of our best selling Tekhni Wovens ring sling. The Sling is a comfortable and fashion-forward ring sling available in striking seasonal collections. Designed with a stylish herringbone weave in a cotton/linen blend, The Sling has a gathered shoulder, is 28” wide, and is generously cut at over 90 inches long to fit all sizes. Lightweight, soft and supportive, with large-sized aluminum rings in modern colors, The Sling is thoughtfully designed for style and comfort. The Sling ring sling comes in a simple cotton drawstring bag that can be used for storage when not in use. Truly a carrier from newborn to toddler, The Sling is for babies 8 to 45lbs so you can be hands free while snuggling close.

Seasonal collections will be released with focus on our retailer family for all products. Colors, fiber blends, and weaves are all specially designed in house, then woven and finished by our partner mill in India. The result is high-quality, luxury-inspired textile products with an affordable consumer price-point and on-trend detailing.

The best part about The Sling ring sling baby carrier? It retails at $88, and can be found at over 22 retailers (and counting!) in US and Canada! You can also purchase direct through, or in person at any of the baby-related shows we attend throughout the year.

Love Tekhni Wovens made in the USA luxury and tech fiber slings and wraps? Don’t worry, they aren’t going anywhere. Studio Tekhni and Tekhni Wovens will run hand in hand, each meeting the needs of consumers and retailers in different ways.

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