Summer is coming! Can you feel it? Here in Chicagoland we are storing our winter coats and getting ready for the warm months ahead. Does this mean it’s time to store your wraps, too? Of course not! Wrapping is a year round caregiving tool. Keep reading for our favorite ways to beat the heat.

  1. Choose the right wrap.
    Repreve is a year round favorite, but it especially shines in the summer. Choose one of our Repreve blend wraps and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by it’s temperature regulating properties and it’s breathability. You might also consider a thin yet supportive cotton wrap such as Petradi or Thalia. You’ll find just the right mix of support and summer friendly thinness. Summer also makes a great time to switch to a shorty wrap, something in your base minus two sizes or less. Less fabric means less layers (but not less carry options).
  2. Choose the right clothing.
    Think of the wrap as an extra layer and dress accordingly. Cool clothing that breathes will serve you well in and out of the wrap.
  3. Choose the right carry.
    Single layer carries are especially enjoyable in the warmth of summer. Less fabric over you and baby will allow everyone to remain comfortable. You can also adjust some of your favorite carries, such as Front Wrap Cross Carry, by utilizing bunched (instead of spread) passes when possible.
  4. Practice sun safety.
    Summer is hot. Babies are hot. Whether babywearing or not, you’ll want to take plenty of breaks in the shade and stay hydrated. You’ll also want to choose a wrap safe sunscreen, so look for one that is mineral based and does not contain Avobenzone or Parsol 1789. (Babyganics has a great option that fits the bill!)

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